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London School of Theology
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College Profile
London School of Theology (LST) is an international evangelical community resourcing over 350 students, with Jesus Christ as the focus of its life, work and worship. We offer cutting-edge training and preparation for the ministry, mission and marketplace.

Graduates from LST can be found in most areas of society having developed academically, spiritually and personally. Students go on to work in the Church, in politics, the media, the police, as counsellors, missionaries, in youth-work, the music industry, as teachers and many other professions.

Mission Statement

LST’s mission is to provide world-class education in theology and related disciplines to equip people to have a strategic influence for Christ.


Course Information
All our courses are validated by Middlesex University.

Undergraduate Programmes

If you want to study theology in depth, understand the Bible to a greater degree, and learn how to apply what you have learned to the world around you, then this is the programme for you. It’s academically rigorous but also addresses the changing cultural and intellectual climate.

CertHE 1 year full 2 year part-time
DipHE 2 year full 4 year part-time
BAHons 3 year full 6 year part-time

Theology & Counselling
Our integrated theology and counselling programmes, run in partnership with CWR, are the only Christian counselling courses accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
CertHE 1 year full 2 year part-time
DipHE 2 year full 4 year part-time
BAHons 3 year full 6 year part-time

Theology Music & Worship
Designed for musically gifted students who have a passion for worship and want to receive professional coaching to develop their musical skills to a high level.

CertHE 1 year full 2 year part-time
DipHE 2 year full 4 year part-time
BAHons 3 year full 6 year part-time

Theology & Worship
We recognise that many gifted musicians may not have received formal musical training but they have a passion for worship, plus there are those who are equally passionate about worship but do not wish to undertake a music pathway. For these reasons we have designed a Theology & Worship combined degree programme.

CertHE 1 year full 2 year part-time
DipHE 2 year full 4 year part-time
BAHons 3 year full 6 year part-time

BA in Theological Studies (by Distance Learning)

Missional Leadership
The Centre for Missional Leadership (CML) is the Watford campus of the London School of Theology and teaches an applied theology course in Missional Leadership. The course is aimed at those seeking to live out their faith in the secular world. The course includes modules in Discipleship, Bible Overview, Leadership, Mission and a practical placement.

CertHE 1 year full 2 year part-time

MA Programmes

MA in Transformation: Scripture, Church and World
This programme reflects the transforming nature of the Bible when interpreted well and applied to life. It will prepare you for contemporary mission to the world in diverse forms, church-based ministry or further academic study.

MA in Integrative Psychotherapy
Designed for Christian counsellors who want to take their training further, and who want to explore how their Christian faith, and a Christian worldview and theology, bear upon their work.

MA in Theological Education
This programme represents a unique opportunity for theological educators from all over the world to obtain much desired professional training. Offered also at a PGCert and PGDip levels.

MA Aspects and Implications of Biblical Interpretation (by Distance Learning)

Research Programmes

MTh – Master of Theology
1 year full 2 year part-time

MPhil – Master of Philosophy
2 year full 3 year part-time
These degrees are aimed at those who have already completed formal theological training - they might be theology graduates, ministers, missionaries, Religious Education teachers, or business people as well as potential PhD students.

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy
3 year full 4-6 years part-time
Undertaking doctoral research at London School of Theology provides you with the opportunity to be involved in research at the cutting edge of the theological disciplines. You will have the opportunity to furnish both the worldwide church and the academic community with expertise that will carry the best traditions of evangelical Christian scholarship into the next generation and enable you to teach at tertiary level.

Distance Learning

Would you like to develop your personal knowledge of the Bible, theology and spirituality? Are you looking for a recognised qualification but can’t study on site at LST?
Then Distance Learning is for you. You can choose the type of learning and qualification that suits your short- or long-term needs.

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